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Blockchain Developer

Lumenci is hiring for the role of Blockchain developer. We are looking for highly smart and driven technologists who are not risk averse and want to build something that will be universally recognized. Join our proven and successful management team in executing one of the most ambitious global projects in the blockchain space.




  • Work closely with company leadership to define the roadmap and extend an existing custom blockchain implementation

  • Write high caliber code on a daily basis to satisfy time-sensitive production product development as well as R&D projects

  • Help develop blockchain product specs

  • Collaboratively define blockchain systems architecture and best practices

  • Document best practices and act as a knowledgeable resource for blockchain engineering and problem-solving must-have

  • At least 5 years of hands-on professional experience in Core Java

  • At least 1-year experience with the cryptographic principles

  • 5+ years of development experience developing production grade, multi-threaded, enterprise client/server software using Java stack

  • Hands-on experience with developing on at least one backend blockchain codebase, whether proprietary (e.g., Chain) or open source (e.g., Hyperledger, Corda), not just building apps on top

  • Experience and understanding of major consensus protocols, asymmetric encryption, Merkle trees, hash functions, key-value database

  • Experience and understanding of transaction scripting and smart contracts, especially Bitcoin-style conditionalized transactions

  • Understanding of key areas of Blockchain research including data privacy, confidential transactions, side chains and pegging, sharing, lightning, and other scaling methodologies