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Patent Litigation


Lumenci works with top litigators in formulating case strategy from pre-filing investigations through Markman hearings to trial.  Lumenci provides technology expertise and strategy in high stakes IP litigation. 


Lumenci excels in discovery activities like source code reviews, document reviews. We help develop litigation strategies and assist with technology insights in the courtroom.  Lumenci is your go-to expert to solve complex technical problems.

Patent sale & Licensing


Lumenci helps understand the R&D landscape and business opportunities related to client’s portfolio. 

We assess the international and technological scope of a company’s patent strategy. This information is particularly interesting for the evaluation of a firm’s innovative potential. We help gather insights about the availability of companies that are potentially suitable for co-operations or acquisitions. We help extract High ROI from a Patent Portfolio. We perform activities such as: 

  • Comparative studies 

  • Develop a custom taxonomy 

  • IP investment decisions 

  • Management and monetization of the portfolio 

  • Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis 

  • Strength of the portfolio 

  • White space analysis 

  • Analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, and relative values of the individual patents in a patent portfolio. 

  • Patentability searches 

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of patent portfolio

Source code reviews

Lumenci has expertise in reviewing source code in diverse technology areas. Lumenci experts have reviewed 1b+ lines of source code as part of IP litigation.

Lumenci has expertise and experience in reviewing source code in JAVA, C/C++, HDL languages (Verilog, VHDL etc.), Perl, Python, etc. across variety of technology areas like virtual reality, enterprise software, software asset management,  internet technologies, USB chips, Wifi chips, base station technologies, fitness monitors, cryptography, computer security, cloud technology, video encoding etc.

Arbitration Services


Lumenci provides expert services in both patent litigation and arbitration.  


We have technical expertise in the areas of telecommunication, enterprise systems, semiconductor, IT and software related matters. 

Arbitration is an alternative way to resolve a dispute and takes place in a forum outside the court, without the long wait time expected in the court system today. Lumenci experts have played a key role in arbitration by providing testimony and helped secure favorable decisions, which are final and binding. 

Reverse Engineering and Product Testing

Lumenci provides as well as secures services for its clients that includes tearing down of the product and reproduction of processes, techniques and components utilized in the product to showcase evidential infringement of client’s patents or to analyze complex technology products. Domains like semiconductor and telecommunication chipsets are routinely the target of such investigations. These investigations help to augment the limited publicly available information and provide reasonable credit to the infringement cases.

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