IP Strategy

Your dedicated technical team to build the right strategy to receive the right innovation

Patent Strength Analysis 

Numbers do make life easier. Embeddings, that are just number representations of unstructured data, are used by advanced neural networks to solve many complex problems in Image Processing, NLP and many other areas.


Lumenci provides clients with similar abilities to convert patents into numbers and assist them in making strategic decisions such as acquisition, monetization, filing decisions, based on the insights derived from these numbers.  For example, Patent Strength analysis helps to segregate strong patents from weak ones. Weak ones could be sold, or their maintenance could be stopped (large savings). Strong patents could be monetized. And, if the client is on buying side, they would like to pay for the strong ones only. Quantitative analysis helps in patent evaluation in terms of their environmental threats and opportunities.

Technology Landscape 


Lumenci provides detailed snapshot of any specific technology, either within a given country or region, or globally. We utilize premium data mining, data analysis and data visualization tools to derive necessary insights for our clients that assist them to direct and develop their R&D strategies. Specially, in the context of emerging technologies like 5G, Internet-of-things etc., a mix of IP landscape and scholarly literature landscape provides a balanced view on the landscape.

Our deep expertise in various domains and IP services helps us to customize these reports in accordance with the client’s end objectives.

Strategic Advisory to Startups

Lumenci works with early to mid-stage startups to build correct IP strategy and helps in finding right partners, advisors and investors. Lumenci has advised companies in variety of technologies and industries, including Hardware, Mobile Devices, Blockchain, etc.