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Under our partner law firms' direction, Lumenci's patent experts team works with innovators to turn ideas into patentable inventions. We provide hands-on coaching to inventors, explaining how to transform their creative work into patentable inventions.

Our deliverables are adapted for each of our legal partners and each engagement.  These deliverables range from invention-creation and identification to the production of draft patent applications that your firm can review and file quickly.

Lumenci's Invention Creation Deliverables

Often, great inventions come not from existing or planned products or anticipated areas of interest but rather from the creative minds of innovative people. Invention creation services turn your clients' ideas into application-ready inventions.

These services include:

Patent Mining

We assign an experienced invention expert to work with innovators to identify and document the inventions that they have created.

Directed Invention

In some cases, a company has expertise in a technology area but no current product or product plans, yet it still wants to expand its patent portfolio in that area. Lumenci works with key innovators to help them develop inventions in identified strategic areas.

Patent Brainstorming

We work with technologists to identify fruitful invention areas, vet the ideas with technical leadership, and perform preliminary searches.  We then review the results with your firm to determine how best to proceed.

And for each of these models, our experienced inventors can help identify the broadest possible inventions, including inventions in adjacent technologies areas.  We identify inventions suggested by our clients' work.  We call this invention co-creation, and our clients own 100% of the inventions created.

Lumenci's Patent Support Deliverables


After inventions are generated, Lumenci provides cost-effective support to your patent preparation and prosecution teams. Based on your needs, we can produce a continuum of deliverables.


Common examples include:

Invention Reports

They describe the invention, its technical and business importance, and what elements might later be included in a claim at a high level.  This report should be sufficient to support a proper patentability search.

Invention Disclosures

They contain the elements of an invention report and include a detailed explanation of the technology and related art.  The invention disclosure, along with an inventor interview, should be sufficient to support a patent application's creation by a qualified patent professional.

Invention Documents

They are intended to provide the material needed to create detailed description for a patent application. These documents typically require only light to moderate editing from your patent professionals before filing.

Lumenci can also produce prior art searches, and our experts have in-depth experience producing detailed and useful responses to office actions. 

In summary, we provide the full range of services – from invention creation to drafting support -- to assist your patent practice.

Lumenci's Engagement Model


Lumenci works through partner legal practices and under the direction of a legal partner.  Our invention services act as a significant business development activity for your legal practice, identifying inventions that create patent drafting, prosecution, and perhaps enforcement work. We can also assist in the creation of patent applications and office action responses.

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