Patent Application Drafting

Patent Application Drafting and its Importance


Patent drafting is the process of documenting the patent description and claims. It is the first real step in securing a patent for an idea. While drafting a patent, one must ensure that the scope of protection is adequately documented and sufficient to support the patent's claims.

At Lumenci, we ensure that the patent is drafted in a holistic and meaningful manner.

Lumenci's Approach

The patent application drafting process requires expertise in the specific technology being evaluated and in intellectual property law. Lumenci experts have decades of technological and legal experience to draft complete and accurate patent applications that capture all of the invention's novel aspects.

At Lumenci, we prepare the following types of patent drafts:

Provisional Application Drafting

A provisional application is a preliminary draft filed to claim priority for the invention. The 'First to File' system allows provisional applications to establish a filing date, preventing other parties from securing patent protection for your invention. 

Non-Provisional Application Drafting

A non-provisional patent application is an inventor's request to protect their invention. Like a provisional application, it includes a specification, but a non-provisional application must also include claims. The specification explains the invention in detail and discloses the most eminent method of carrying out the invention. It must end with at least one claim that explains the scope of the invention.

Lumenci's Experience

Lumenci's drafting experts have helped individual inventors, first-time inventors, businesses, and R&D groups protect their inventions by preparing patent specifications and technical drawings that capture the invention in the broadest possible manner. Our experts have created over 120 patent applications for 25+ clients, leveraging our deep understanding of technology and IP law across multiple jurisdictions.

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