Patent Education and Mentoring

Why is it Important?

Patent education and mentoring are, of course, essential to developing a strong patent portfolio, which has been shown to increase startup valuation.  However, the value extends beyond the direct value of a patent portfolio.

Inventing gives innovators an outlet for their creative efforts even beyond what your company might offer in your products.  We have found that such a creative outlet can improve job satisfaction.


We also like to say that inventing is a team sport, making it an ideal way to encourage collaboration among your team members.  Employees who might not routinely interact while doing their "day jobs" can collaborate to create a unique, valuable invention.


Finally, inventing can be a way to help address issues with diversity. Studies have shown that invention disproportionately comes from males who are mostly white or Asian. This lack of diversity then skews opportunities as inventing is often considered in promotion and hiring decisions. Providing access to skilled mentoring to a diverse technical community can help overcome this bias.

Lumenci Experience

Lumenci's team has done patent education sessions for over 10,000 inventors. It has delivered individual, and small-group mentoring for 100s of inventors – many of whom became mentors themselves – and has prepared over 200 invention disclosures. Our experience is unparalleled in the industry.

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