Patent Prosecution Support

Why is it important?

Patent prosecution is the process of drafting and filing a patent application. It includes all the exchanges and negotiations with the patent office. These interactions may be differentiated as pre-grant prosecution, which is the series of negotiations before granting a patent, or post-grant prosecution, which occur after a patent grant and can include claim amendments or reissues.

The amount of time and money spent during this process is primarily affected by the drafting team's experience. Once the Patent Office makes the first action, the team at Lumenci is well-suited for negotiating the technical aspects of the claim with the patent examiner. We have technological and intellectual property experts who have worked with many patent applications.

Lumenci's Approach

At Lumenci, our strategies align with your business interests. We ensure that your application is legally robust and commercially feasible. The patent experts at Lumenci have ample experience and have witnessed all stages of the patent life cycle from conception to monetization. Lumenci's technical and patent experts prepare a thorough response to office actions, suitable for review and submission by your preferred patent professional. Review and filing can be provided by your preferred IP law partner or a member of Lumenci's network of top patent professionals.

Lumenci's Experience

The Lumenci IP consulting team is experienced in negotiations with the patent office. The team has seen significantly improved patent application success rates while expediting the application process. Our patent prosecutions experts have proficiency in handling prosecution matters in the US, EP, IN, BR, and other jurisdictions. The experts are well-versed with the patent laws and rejections received in the Office Actions corresponding to these jurisdictions and the practices followed by various jurisdictions' patent offices.

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