• Lumenci

The Race for 5G Standard Essential Patents (2006-2020)

Lumenci's data science team presents 5G Standard Essential Patents Analysis for the top 10 assignees.

Key Highlights

  • 2013-2020: Rise of Huawei

  • 2016-2019: Exponential rise of ZTE, LG, and Qualcomm

  • Top Assignees in 2020 - Samsung and Huawei

Research Methodology

Lumenci team gathered all 5G standards released so far using 3GPP data. We identified SEPs that are publicly disclosed by all the companies against these standards.


Companies may have undisclosed or yet to be disclosed patents. Since the 5G standard is evolving especially 5G Standalone, many more SEPs will come into the picture. The study does not include overlapping inventions covering both previous generations and 5G. Thus, this study aims to get a credible minimum bound and a trend of Applications filed by major players in the space. Also, Lumenci does not validate or verify these companies' claims of essentiality as that requires manual analysis of each patent against the released standards.


1. 3GPP https://www.3gpp.org/specifications/specification-numbering

2. 3GPP - Series 38 https://www.3gpp.org/ftp/Specs/html-info/38-series.htm

3. 3GPP - Portions of Series other than Series 38 (Example) https://www.3gpp.org/DynaReport/23-series.htm