Software Asset License Management

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Managing software assets and licenses is challenging. The technology moves very fast and the licenses are complex. There are multiple stakeholders involved in selling, deploying, maintaining and disposing of licenses.  The enterprise software companies need a robust SALM program to ensure license compliance, budgetary efficiency, predictability of payments, and help navigate the migration of software assets with ever changing technology.

Software Licensors


Lumenci works with enterprise software companies to help maintain software assets licenses and advices them on the right strategy to ensure license compliance.  Software must be installed and used in accordance with the software publisher’s license terms. 

  • Up to date, accurate inventory of all software deployed in the organization

  • Reconciling software with licenses.

  • Authorized use of the software

  • Compliance with software agreements and contracts.

  • Cost savings which can then be invested in the program

  • Derive additional value from the existing software licenses

  • Improve operational and budgetary efficiency


Lumenci's software asset license management (SALM)  program becomes especially important to pro-actively ensure compliance, realize full value of software licenses and also ensure IP compliance.

Software Licensees


​Lumenci works with software licensees to manage all their internal licenses. Lumenci's extensive and robust program helps to avoid challenges faced by software licensees:

  • Over-payment— paying for more software licenses than you need, especially as your organization and environment change

  • Unplanned payments to software licensors for non-compliance

  • Security threats, due to the use of unauthorized software or the inability to manage your IT assets

Lumenci's software asset license management (SALM) program can help you maintain the the lifecycle of your subscribed software assets in-check, avoid overpayment, ensure compliance and reduce the overall risk towards maintaining software asset licenses.

SALM - The Lumenci way 

Lumenci's Software Asset License Management is a robust program to meet the needs of industry. At Lumenci, software experts works closely with enterprise software companies to formulate strategy towards software asset management program and systematically conduct pro-active internal and external audits.


As part of this program, Lumenci:

  • analyzes boundary conditions of license agreements

  • formulates project plan and roadmap to conduct strategy towards pro-active audits to ensure license compliance

  • creates testing methodologies & questionnaire to test compliance and identify license violation(s)

  • identifies areas and build strategy to enable the client to to expand services

  • ensure IP compliance

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