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Patents are a key ingredient to a startup's increased valuation and likelihood of success.

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“We do advise the companies we fund to apply for patents, but not so they can sue competitors. Successful startups either get bought or grow into big companies.

If a startup wants to grow into a big company, they should apply for patents to build up the patent portfolio they'll need to maintain an armed truce with other big companies.

If they want to get bought, they should apply for patents because patents are part of the mating dance with acquirers.” - Paul Graham, “Are Software Patents Evil?”


Increased odds of receiving second-round funding further increased


more likely to have a  successful exit in the form of acquisition versus early state companies without a patent portfolio.

To be successful with patents, startups need to address these issues:



Invention Identification

Patent Filing


Lumenci Deliverables for Startups

Lumenci's patent expert team helps your team leverage small investments in time to create patents intended to support your business objectives. Our services include:

Patent Mining

We assign an experienced invention expert to work with your team to identify and document your key innovations, and we work with your legal team to secure the broadest patents possible, all while minimizing your time investment.

 Patent Co-creation

Our team has experience working with innovators to identify the broadest possible inventions, including inventions in adjacent technologies.  We can also recommend inventions related to your work, and you own 100% of the inventions created. 

Patent Prosecution

Our team has substantial experience responding to objections raised during patent prosecution by controllers and examiners in jurisdictions worldwide, assisting your company and IP professionals in securing your patent rights.

Patent Acquisition

Our team of valuation experts identifies the patents we believe meet your needs and negotiate on your behalf. And to avoid tipping off your competitors, your firm remains anonymous until the transaction is ready to complete.

Patent Valuation & Landscape Analysis

Are you concerned about what your competitors are doing?  We provide a thorough analysis of public patent data relevant to your main competitors, and, working with your IP Legal team, we can provide a thorough, technical assessment of existing patents.

Patent Strategy

Especially for later-stage startups, it is essential to understand the patents you own and ways to leverage and enhance your IP assets. Lumenci works with your business leaders to develop an appropriate and effective patent strategy.

The Next Step...

Schedule a 1-hour meeting with your senior business and technology executives to discuss our 3-stage process.


Invention Creation and Identification

(1-3 months)


Invention Development

(1-3 months)


Patent Filing

(4-6 months)

The Deliverables...






Invention Identification


Patent Filing

Some Interesting Facts

2/3 of the tech companies that have gone public in 2020 have invested in their patent portfolios.


~3,000 patents


~375 patents


~25 patents


~75 patents


~75 patents


~65 patents


~60 patents


~110 patents


~15 patents

Patents Also Launched Multi-Billion-Dollar Empires

US Patent RE44899
Method of delivery, targeting, and measuring advertising over networks.

Filed Oct 29, 1996

US Patent 8079501
Harness system for attaching camera to user.

Filed Apr 10, 2003

US Patent  8225376
Dynamically generating a privacy summary.

Filed Jul 25, 2006

US Patent 7904382
Methods for financing renewable energy systems.

Filed Mar 11, 2008

US Patent 9959512
System and method for operating a service to arrange transport amongst parties through use of mobile devices.

Filed Dec 4, 2009

US Patent 4136359
Microcomputer for use with video display.

Filed Apr 11, 1977

US Patent 8231055
Systems and methods for decoding card swipe signals.

Filed Oct 13, 2009

US Patent 8428453 Single-mode visual media capture

Filed Apr 23. 2013

US Patent 5960411 Method and system for placing a purchase order via a communications network.

Filed Sep 28, 1999

US Patent 852808
System and method of detecting computer worms.

Filed Mar 31, 2005

US Patent 8825597
Network folder synchronization.

Filed Aug 13, 2009

US Patent 8272961
Asynchronous challenge game.

Filed Nov 20, 2007

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