Work with an elite team of technologists to build the right solutions to enhance the Legal and IP  industry

Careers at Lumenci

Product Marketing Executive 

Lumenci is hiring for the role of Product Marketing Executive. We are looking for highly smart and driven marketing enthusiasts who are not risk-averse and is excited about new challenges


Join our team to help build exciting de-centralized products and solutions in the legal and IP space.

Senior Associate-

Lumenci is hiring for the role of Senior Associate in Prosecution specialization. We are looking for self-driven, gritty, technologists.

Join our team if you have a high level of understanding of the Patents to help build exciting de-centralized products and solutions in the legal and IP space

Graphic Designer 


Lumenci is hiring for the role of Graphic Designer. We are looking for a self-driven, gritty, designing expert.


Join our team If you are curious about graphic designing, enjoy working in a high-growth startup by solving complex problems and want to build the next big thing in Legal tech

Celeny is a UT-Austin alum where she studied electrical engineering.  At Lumenci, Celeny advises worldwide clients in solving IP monetization problems and also gets the opportunity to learn diverse technologies. Celeny is also GHC'19 Hopper.


Celeny is Senior Associate at Lumenci


Patrick is a graduate from UT Austin where he studied computer science. At Lumenci, Patrick immerses himself in high stakes patent matters and delves into multiple technologies, gaining a deeper insight through means such as source code review and product testing. He is proficient in  Java, C++, Swift and Ada.

Patrick is Associate Consultant at Lumenci

Sonika completed her Masters from Carnegie Mellon where she studied information systems. As a technology expert at Lumenci, Sonika advises clients in high stakes IP litigation matters and also provides strategic insights on innovation value creation.

Sonika is Senior Associate at Lumenci

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