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SEP Analysis: Beamforming in 5G

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Beamforming is a notable Technology in 5G for its applications and promising upcoming standard features. With 5G, we're moving endlessly from the coverage-based network to a client-centered network. This is accomplished by the utilization of Massive-MIMO frameworks using Beamforming.

Market participants in the Telecom Industry have many patents that are self-endorsed as Standard Essentials Patents. The goal of this paper is to understand each patent disclosed as a SEP towards Beamforming and map them onto a taxonomy specific to Beamforming. This report also highlights the strength of the patents within Beamforming and brings various insights related to market participants, seminal patents, and future directions in one place for the benefit of the telecom industry.

Lumenci has analyzed a portfolio of patents for technology-based division along with the Assignees trend and identified the top 100 seminal patents in 5G Beamforming. We also utilized semantic algorithms to identify companies and Universities that hold patents that are similar to already disclosed Beamforming SEPs. Such similar patents could be potential SEPs in the future.

Technology Transfer 2019


CalTech  recently scored a verdict of $1.1 billion against Apple and Broadcom. The institute alleged that the Broadcom wi-fi chips used in Apple products, including iPhones, iPad, and Mac computers, infringed on the patents relating to data transmission technology. 

Lumenci conducted research across worldwide universities to better understand the quality of patent assets; and identify key trends, technology areas, and markets where the next wave of monetization of IP can come from.  The Technology Transfer trends of 2019, show an increasingly high number of patent applications on behalf of universities in key technology areas and an overview of high impact areas towards technology commercialization

Lumenci had previously published an article on Hyperloop and University Tech Transfer which was widely received.

The whitepaper provides good insights on the trends, especially in the biotech industry”,

Dr. Amit Saha, Research Engineer, Stanford University