• Harish Daiya

Contrarian Thinking

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

… and what it means at Lumenci

The contrarian thinking is relative. Relative to what most people think as reasonable. The contrarian thinking lies on the edges; it’s the edge where most people set their boundaries and where contrarian thinking flips the status-quo over its head. Contrarian thinking is about knowing a secret, and cutting-edge entrepreneurship is seeking that secret. It is an earned secret that is very obvious to the entrepreneurs seeking it, while not evident to the consensus. The seeking of the secret involves a lot of experimentation. Experiments can and do fail, but the secret does not change.

The ideas, which most people think of as simple but for an entrepreneur’s mind are the most obvious to seek, make the most impact. While the underlying philosophy of a successful secret remains the same, the secret itself is very different for different entrepreneurs and different times. Lincoln had “the thirteenth amendment”, Mandela had “spirit of freedom,” Gandhi had “non-violence,” Steve Jobs had “personal computers,” Larry & Sergey had “information distribution,” Mark Zuckerberg had “social networks,” Brian Chesky had “home guests”, Satoshi had “blockchain & bitcoin,” etc.

Tremendous change does not come by just solving a popularly known problem but by identifying opportunities that are not self-evident at first. The identification of such opportunities requires contrarian thinking, and the execution involves a lot of conviction.

At Lumenci, we promote, foster & fund contrarian ideas; also encourage all our employees to discover their secret and proactively seek to illuminate it via experimentation; to not only drive exceptional results for our clients but also build breakthrough services/products. At Lumenci, we firmly believe in contrarian thinking and, thus, in innovation & excellence. At Lumenci, the technologists, product managers, entrepreneurs, leaders, and contrarian thinkers, all work together to build breakthrough products and services to innovate & illuminate the future.